Bank Of England

IMF projections see U.S. slowdown, problems in commodity-centric emerging markets; BlackRock slashes some ETF fees; U.S. oil supply dips; VP candidates battle.
As central bankers gather for the Fed’s Jackson Hole symposium, they’re getting tired of being the only game in town.
Macro factors like the Bank of England’s bond-buying program and such market conditions as an uptick in M&A point to favorable conditions for high-rated corporates.
Easing and hiccups elsewhere, combined with healthy domestic fundamentals, point to a stronger U.S. currency, analysts say.
The Bank of England’s policy moves after the Brexit vote have a greater effect on market trajectory than on the referendum itself.
New Jersey pension cuts hedge fund allocation; Goldman retirement fund parts ways with Och-Ziff; ANC loses ground in South African polls.
Chinese PMI in focus as PBOC considers further stimulus; the Olympics kick off in the midst of political scandal in Brazil
Although distributed ledger technology has the potential to eliminate the need for financial intermediaries, recent events suggest that may not happen.
A weak pound and freedom from EU regulatory strictures will stimulate the U.K. economy and leave the worst effects of the referendum to compound the euro zone’s woes.
IMF warns over risks in Italian banks; the yen continues to slide as traders bet on more Abe stimulus.