Avenue Capital

A number of funds raise money for distressed-debt opportunities. Meanwhile, Avenue founder Lasry gets an arena for his Bucks.
With the easy pickings mostly gone, many credit-focused managers will need to expand their tool kits beyond buying legacy assets — and not all will be up to the task, market observers say.
The Rich List Second Teamer and his partner in the Milwaukee Bucks have to build a new arena — unless they just sell the team back.
The New York-based distressed investing firm is launching two new direct-lending funds, one of which will target Europe.
What the President told 50 people paying $40,000 each at the Avenue Capital founder’s Manhattan home.
The president is called hypocritical by conservatives for slamming private equity but taking money from the Avenue Capital founder and others in finance.
New fundraising has not replaced the assets withdrawn from a private equity vehicle that began returning capital last year.
Avenue Capital has laid off a few staff members.