Asset Management

Last year brought $17.1 billion in transactions in the asset management sector, but that figure may drop this year as firms grow more cautious.
As asset management earnings season kicks off, one top analyst says firms that are construed as “too complex” may be bargains.
The investment bank’s asset management arm has lost a number of key executives as it continues to cut costs.
The market looks bleak, but solutions may exist to achieve return goals, argues Scott Freemon of secor asset management.
Factor and smart beta funds are popular with investors, but new research shows performance can vary widely even in funds with similar strategies.
The U.K.’s £6.9 trillion asset management industry is a market failure, according to findings from the country’s market regulator.
A sobering report from McKinsey sees turmoil ahead for investment firms — and opportunity for those able to adapt to the new world order.
The firm has built a powerful franchise in liability-driven investing. Can it achieve success by bringing its British model to America?
The bank’s fake-accounts scandal highlights the complicated relationships between bank-owned asset managers and their parents.
The manager is expanding outside its fixed-income base by buying an equities boutique and adding passive offerings, including smart beta.