Stories to Read This Weekend: March 18 – 20, 2016

Macroeconomics, hedge funds and Teladoc all featured in II’s best stories of the week.


This week at Institutional Investor, writers took a look at the current macro landscape, explained the tax implications for hedge fund returns and profiled Jason Gorevic, CEO of Teladoc.

Writers also reported on investment trends in agriculture technology and examined how cities and states around the U.S. are responding to a retirement savings crisis.

3rd Rock from the Sun: A Macro Perspective

In this blog post, Content Editor Anne Szustek shares insights from the National Association of Business Economics conference in Washington, with a bit of ‘90s pop culture trivia thrown in. Macroeconomic expansion and productivity are crawling along, and birth rates are sinking in the Group of 20 countries, the dire consequences of which the character of Sally on the sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun emphasized in one memorable episode.

Do Hedge Funds Provide a Hedge to Taxes?

As tax day approaches, Preston McSwain, founder and managing partner of registered investment adviser Fiduciary Wealth Partners, illuminates some of the impacts of taxes on hedge fund returns. Taxes on big short-term gains, which are common among hedge funds, can exceed 50 percent in some states. This means that managers need to be particularly skilled at generating returns in order to come out ahead.


Teladoc CEO Is Leading a Virtual Health Care Revolution

Senior Writer Julie Segal spoke with Jason Gorevic, CEO of Purchase, New York-based telemedicine company Teladoc about how technology is changing health care, and how Gorevic saw some of the changes coming. When he joined the company in 2009, Gorevic “felt the time was right for telemedicine” and raised $13 million in one of the worst years for capital markets, Segal writes.

Investors Cultivate a New Crop of Ag Tech Start-Ups

Technological disruption has come to agriculture technology. Associate Editor Kaitlin Ugolik explains the ways entrepreneurs and investors are taking advantage of digital innovation to address global food and water needs, from sustainable seafood to customizable crop data analytics software.

U.S. City, State Pension Push Falls Short on Retirement Security

City and state lawmakers around the U.S. are worried about their citizens’ ability to afford retirement, and they are responding by offering vehicles such as 401(k)-style savings accounts, writes Contributor Bailey McCann. In New York, Public Advocate Letitia James and Mayor Bill de Blasio are supporting a bill that would offer a 401(k) plan for private sector workers who don’t have access to one.