Hall of Fame Analyst François Trahan Opens Macro Research Boutique

The All-America Research Team veteran and ISI alum has launched his latest venture, Trahan Macro Research.

Francois Trahan (II file photo)

Francois Trahan

(II file photo)

Hall of Fame analyst François Trahan is at it again.

After going underground for the last six months, Trahan, who turns 52 Sunday, on Friday announced the launch of Trahan Macro Research. In other words, he’s back in the macro strategy game full force.

Trahan was elevated to the All-America Research Team Hall of Fame in 2016 after winning the No.1 position for portfolio strategy in 10 out of the previous 11 years. Late of UBS, where he made a career pit stop as managing director of U.S. portfolio strategy from 2019 to 2020, Trahan was the co-founder of International Strategy & Investment Group spinoff Cornerstone Macro, co-founder of Wolfe Trahan, and executive managing director, chief investment strategist, and head of quantitative research at ISI.

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His new boutique research firm at present has six employees and is in full hiring mode, according to Trahan, who said he is planning to scale up fast in the next few months.

“We are here to help investors navigate a profitable path forward in these turbulent times,” Trahan said in an interview. “Our collective talent and experience at combining macro and micro together will give a new and broad context to our work.”

He cited prioritization of in-depth research and meaningful exchanges with clients as the firm’s signature path forward. For now, the plan is to offer open research access to all.

Trahan, who hails from Montreal, began his career at BCA Research. He is a longtime acolyte of Evercore ISI chairman (and fellow Hall of Famer) Ed Hyman, to whom Trahan has previously credited his success and his reductionist philosophy of streamlining complex macro concepts to the simplest, easiest form possible — an approach he said he will continue to adhere to in this latest endeavor.