Global Investors in European Equities Differ on ESG/SRI Importance

Investors’ location offers another area of influence on how investors prioritize ESG/SRI metrics.


As with asset size, the location of the investors influences how they involve ESG/SRI metrics in their investing and what metrics they value. While many European equities money managers agree on the importance of some ESG/SRI facets, the differences in their priorities are revealed in the 2019 All-Europe Research Team survey.

  • How much are ESG/SRI components involved in investing decision making?
  • How does ESG/SRI importance differ by investor location?
  • Does location affect which facets of ESG/SRI Investing are valued by investors?

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Nearly 1,900 investment professionals at 865 institutions managing an estimated $4 trillion in European equities participated in Institutional Investor’s 2019 All-Europe Research Team survey.