The 2014 Trading Technology 40: Jamie Selway


Jamie Selway
Head of Electronic Brokerage and Sales
Investment Technology Group
(Previously not ranked)

To be at the Nasdaq Stock Market in the second half of the 1990s was to witness the start of momentous changes in technology and market structure — changes that have only accelerated. With an MS in financial mathematics from the University of Chicago, Jamie Selway worked in Nasdaq’s economics department from 1995 to ’98. He proceeded to build a career around what he terms “applied market structure” and, for himself, a reputation as one of the leading interpreters of “dense, esoteric material” important to the investment community. Since August 2010, after stints at Goldman Sachs Group, Archipelago and his own firm, White Cap Trading, Selway has been head of electronic brokerage and sales at Investment Technology Group, a New York–based agency brokerage that lists thought leadership alongside its research, trading and other offerings. The 42-year-old stays on top of fast-moving market developments — “applying our knowledge base for the good of the client,” as he puts it — while running electronic brokerage, which includes the 27-year-old Posit crossing network and accounted for $211 million of ITG’s $399 million total revenue for the nine months through September. Low U.S. trading volumes have been a drag on earnings, but ITG is profitable, and Selway believes the company is positioned to seize opportunities internationally and in nonequity asset classes where it can bring its market-structure prowess to bear.

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