The 2014 Trading Technology 40: Dan Keegan


Dan Keegan
Head of Equities, Americas
Last year: 18

A longtime capital markets executive steeped in electronic execution, Dan Keegan had the right credentials for his promotion in February 2013 from head of global cash equities to head of equities for the Americas. “Electronic trading is the business — it is no longer an activity unto itself,” asserts the 45-year-old, who worked for JPMorgan Chase & Co. earlier in his career and was head of institutional equities for high-tech market maker Automated Trading Desk when Citigroup acquired it in 2007. ATD is one of many levers Citi will push to be among the handful of firms Keegan believes will dominate the increasingly consolidated, globalized, competitive and automated future of institutional trading. “New products that change the landscape” — Keegan cites as examples the Total Touch block execution platform, Alpha Algo strategies, E2C (execution to clearing) end-to-end processing and the Citi Cross dark pool — are testaments to Citi’s ongoing proficiency in harnessing innovative technology. At the same time, Keegan says, “we are knee-deep in market structure,” which influences the strategic agenda and spending priorities. To that and other regulatory and government-relations matters, Keegan brings additional bona fides as a University of Notre Dame Law School graduate. “We’re in [Washington] D.C. about once a quarter,” he says, adding that the industry has found common ground politically in the interest of restoring investor confidence.

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