Weekend FinTech Reading, April 19–20, 2014

It’s the weekend which means its time to catch up on recent FinTech news and reading:


Google Acquires Titan Aerospace, The Drone Company Pursued By Facebook (Tech Crunch)

After Heartbleed Bug, a Race to Plug Internet Hole: Providers and consumers scramble to recover from this weeks major security breach. (Wall Street Journal)

eBay Settles Board Fight With Icahn: Activist investor concedes in fight for PayPal spinoff. (New York Times)

Google exec reiterates commitment to mobile payments: The tech giant announces plans to expand Google Wallet and payments technology efforts. (CNET)

Big Data, a necessary Evil?: Eight (No, Nine!) Problems With Big Data (New York Times)

Watch Out PayPal? The Real Meaning Of A Facebook Money Transfer Business (Forbes)

Get Familiar With Big Data Nowor Face ‘Permanent Pink Slip’ (Wall Street Journal)

Lenders Place Their Bets on Mobile Banking: More banks providing mobile options in order to retain customers in an increasingly smartphone-centric consumer environment. (Wall Street Journal)

Beacons: What They Are, How They Work, And Why Apple’s iBeacon Technology Is Ahead Of The Pack: The ins and outs of the latest indoor mobile communications technology. (Business Insider)

Technologys Man Problem: Changing culture from the inside. (New York Times)

Apple Could Finally Adopt NFC On iPhone For Mobile Payment Plans And Touch ID: Apple rumored to introduce NFC technology in its next smartphone. (TechCrunch)

Google Releases First Developer Resources For Project Ara, Its Modular Smartphone: (TechCrunch)

The Dangers of the Cloud: Planes, Automobilesand Wearables (Wall Street Journal)

Revenge on the Nerds: Why It’s So Cool to Laugh at the Tech World Now (The Atlantic)

With Palm-Readers, Theres Mobile Payments in Your Future (Wall Street Journal)

Googles New Modular Phone May Be the Last Youll Need to Buy (WIRED)