University Of California

Huie and a former Rising Star are rethinking hedge funds at University of California.
A fellowship with the University of California taught me about asset management and ESG from the inside.
The Berkeley professor invokes U.S. founding father Alexander Hamilton to make his case that pragmatic regulation brings economic rewards.
The Breakthrough coalition, which will invest in new energy technologies, is part of a wave of investors taking action on climate change.
Since it’s been over a month since I’ve done a weekend reading post, I had over 1000 stories to wade through. These are the ones that stood out as the most important. Enjoy.
The CIO for the university system’s Board of Regents divests from coal and tar sands and offers a new road map for responsible investing.
Bachner is chief investment officer of the University of California and this year’s Large Public Pension winner.
It was a crazy week for me down on the avenue of giants. See if you can spot the reason why.
Here’s some reading to enjoy this weekend: