Top Analysts

CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets captures 15 total team positions in the 2011 All-India Research Team ranking, half again as many as the two firms that tie for second place: Credit Suisse and Kotak Securities.
BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research catapults from No. 11 to share the top spot on the 2011 All-Japan Research Team with returning champ Nomura Securities Co.
Deutsche Bank catapults from sixth place last year to finish in first place for the first time on the 2011 All-Europe Research Team.
The U.S. fixed-income industry is a shadow of its former self, but the potential for profit still exists.
Itaú Securities leads the 2010 All-Brazil Research Team annual ranking of the nation’s top equity and fixed-income analysts.
Brazil’s economy is strong, but its stock market is shaky. These analysts excel at explaining why.
While some observers worry about Japan entering another lost decade, the best analysts are busy finding opportunities for their clients.
Marina Alexeenkova of Renaissance Capital captures the crown for a third consecutive year.
On top for a third straight year is the RenCap quartet conducted by Moscow-based David Nangle, 34.
London-based Robert Edwards, 43, pilots the five-member RenCap team to a fourth straight first-place finish.