Syntrus Achmea

Marjolein Sol, CIO of Dutch pensions manager Syntrus Achmea, is stepping down.
A pension fund for Dutch retailers has ended its asset management contract with Syntrus Achmea.
Stichting Financiering Voortzetting Pensioenverzekering has awarded a €700 mandate to Syntrus Achmea.
Risk manager, Cardano, and Syntrus Achmea will not renew their risk management consulting and derivatives implementation agreement.
Dutch pension fund, Stichting Pensioenfonds Werk en Integratie has awarded its pensions management mandate to APG.
Dutch insurance group, Syntrus Achmea, has appointed Anton Nunen as director of strategic pension management.
The €73 million pension fund for furniture retailer, Ikea, has appointed Syntrus Achmea as its pension administrator.
The new Dutch pension fund of energy company, BP, has appointed Syntrus Achmea as its provider,
Dutch Antilles has hired Syntrus Achmea as its new pension provider.
The €2.2 billion industry-wide pension fund for the bakery sector, Bakkers Pensioenfonds, has appointed TKP.