Factor and smart beta funds are popular with investors, but new research shows performance can vary widely even in funds with similar strategies.
A new World Bank study suggests that SIFs, an increasingly popular breed of state investor, can promote economic growth.
Dean Baker, co-director of Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR), defends his position in recent study he authors that finds reports of a public pension funding crisis are greatly exaggerated.
Are institutional investors making the correct trade-off between risk and return? Research from AQR Capital, the Greenwich, Connecticut–based quant shop, strongly suggests not.
Preqin survey finds more than half of private sector pension funds have some money invested in hedge funds.
Despite a ramp up in prices for property in Shanghai and Mumbai, the cost of housing is far pricier in places like London, New York, even Moscow.
Money managers, like everyone else, have been forced to cut costs in these tough times.
Research uncovers new ways to explain why investors act the way they do — why they panic, why they jump into and out of markets, and why they ignore risk.
A recent Celent study offers a revealing glimpse into the costs that financial firms have to consider in the increasingly critical area of pricing and valuation services.
A recent Pew Research poll shows the Chinese nearly 90 percent “satisfied” with their country’s direction and government’s ability to handle national affairs.