Saudi Arabia

The kingdom’s Public Investment Fund will invest $500 million in a new online shopping platform for the Middle East.
Saudis signal willingness to discuss oil options; RBS settles MBS suit; Anheuser-Busch InBev/SABMiller deal approved by shareholders.
The Vision 2030 plan aims to use profits from privatization of Saudi Aramco to build a diversified, private-sector-driven economy.
As a result of plunging oil prices and challenging equity markets, many of the world’s biggest sovereign funds face redemptions as their governments try to plug budgetary holes.
Eurostat and China’s National Bureau of Statistics release key consumer data; Muslims convene in Mecca; Patel takes the helm at the Reserve Bank of India.
Saudi Arabia remains non-committal on production caps; EU inflation levels are subdued; Brazil’s Rousseff faces impeachment vote.
Japanese Q2 GDP weaker than forecast; Chinese stocks up sharply on news of new exchange link.
Efforts by frontier-markets governments to sell off state-owned enterprises mean opportunity for market-beating returns for foreign investors.
Oil cartel leaders upbeat on prices; OECD cuts U.K. growth projections on Brexit vote’s eve; Abe announces delay to sales tax hike.
Chinese exports rose in yuan terms; Saudi Arabia appoints new oil minister; Canada wild fires so far don’t affect oil supplies.