Ontario Teachers

Welcome to the weekend, everybody! Here are some of the top stories from the past week for your reading enjoyment.
Here’s some reading to enjoy this weekend:
The government of Alberta wants to get its pensions house in order. On the agenda: a possible management shake-up.
The Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan is the best performing pension fund in the world over the last ten years. How? It’s simple recipe. But you almost certainly won’t find the ingredients in your local plan...
Two weeks ago, Ontario was abuzz over a blog post by Mark McQueen suggesting that the Canadian Province scrap its five large defined benefit pensions (HOOPP, OMERS, OPB, OP Trust and OTPP) in favor of a single, larger fund that could take better advantage of economies of scale and keep costs low.
A consortium of Canadian banks and pension funds has taken its $3.68 billion takeover bid for the TMX Group to shareholders.