Och Ziff

The hedge fund firm’s stock is still trading at all-time lows, but the firm’s funds are putting up solid numbers this year.
The San Francisco activist said preliminary tallies show that shareholders of Buffalo Wild Wings elected three of Marcato’s four nominees to the board.
The hedge fund firm’s asset drain continues, with investors pulling close to $2 billion over the past month.
The activist manager is reducing its stake in the company following a victory in its campaign.
The Pershing Square founder tells investors in his publicly traded vehicle that the Valeant holding accounted for most of its losses last year.
S&P’s reduction of its credit rating on the hedge fund firm is the latest blow to the multistrategy firm, which has suffered $13 billion in redemptions over the past 13 months owing partly to now-settled legal woes. With its share price tanking, is it worth it for the company to stay public?
Most funds posted losses or gains of less than 1 percent.
The SEC has filed a complaint against Michael Cohen and Vanja Baros alleging corrupt dealings in Africa and that the pair misled the hedge fund.
Assets at Dan Och’s hedge fund firm continue to fall in the wake of mediocre performance and its bribery scandal.