Money Masters

The winners of the 2016 Asia Investment Management Awards remain bullish on the region.
Despite Gilbert Garcia’s professional success, having an active role in his family life is what the Garcia Hamilton managing partner is most proud of.
Municipal market money managers are traditionally very passive, but not Robert Dimella of Mackay Shields. His firm prides itself on transparency and taking a more active approach to investing.
Back in 2007, Blackstone’s Gideon Berger had several strategies in place for mitigating risk, but not all of them worked. In fact, some exacerbated risk.
David Booth, co-CEO of Dimensional Fund Advisors, believes the investing industry will benefit from delivering more innovative services to the average person.
Nine award-winning C-suite investment officials from pensions, endowments, foundations and a health system share their experience and expertise.
Robert Dimella of Mackay Shields says the person who inspired him the most was his mother, whose work ethic taught him to make the most of every difficult situation.
Gilbert Garcia of Garcia Hamilton Associates learned early on to avoid the hype and focus his efforts on a back-to-basics approach to fixed-income investing.
Matt Kamm of Artisan Partners says it’s a good time to be an active manager with truly differentiated, high value add strategies offering opinionated investment in a disciplined way.
Active management is being challenged, says Blackstone Group’s Gideon Berger, and managers’ fees may not always be justified.