Mergers Acquisitions

Once Actavis completes its merger with Allergan, CEO Brenton Saunders will need to focus on getting the two companies’ cultures and strategies on the same page.
Pharmaceuticals makers are experimenting with a variety of new business models, almost the same way they experiment with molecules, hoping to find a blockbuster that will save their bottom line.
Are acquisitions the likely route the biggest hedge funds will take in the future to become the world’s largest firms? Experts see larger funds growing by “lifting out” specific teams from other firms to expand to a new strategy.
Over the last year, rising equity values have given strategic buyers a currency for transactions.
Now that the economic recovery appears to be gaining strength — and the capital markets are open for business — the wave of corporate asset sales appears to be building once again.
Should Deutsche Boerse’s planned acquisition of NYSE Euronext actually come to pass, the combined companies will emerge from the deal with greater market share. The new exchange would face considerable challenges, but things could be worse.
With the purchase of Compass and a neat FDIC deal, Spain’s BBVA is suddenly a power in the Sunbelt.
Top-notch boutiques, just like prime Manhattan apartments, still manage to fetch top dollar.
Haitong uses Taifook deal as a springboard for further expansion in Asia.
The merger banker’s skills were on full display in the Smith, Schlumberger merger.