Lone Pine Capital

The former Lone Pine partner has raised $40 million for the new vehicle, possibly thanks to momentum from his flagship fund’s solid start to the year.
The long-short manager, which recently exited a high-profile short, has set its sights on TransDigm Group, a defense contractor that has enjoyed strong support from the Tiger crowd.
John Paulson, Dan Loeb, and other prominent Investors move into an industry in flux.
At least four hedge fund firms have bought private stock in the social media company, whose planned offering could value it at $25 billion.
Stephen Mandel Jr. has reversed early-year losses, putting him ahead of most of his Tiger Cub peers.
The hedge fund made an investment in the ride-sharing service privately and drew up detailed projections to sell it to private investors.
Firms like Tiger Global and Hound Partners have a long way to go to break-even, though they’ve rallied in the past.
Wall Street appears to have been betting that the “Remain” forces would win, though some funds reduced exposures in the weeks before the vote. The exception: the quants.