Jonathan Auerbach

If Friday’s selloff in so-called FANG stocks turns into a long-feared rout, then Tiger seed Jonathan Auerbach’s Hound may wind up vindicated.
Tiger Seed Jonathan Auerbach picked the right stocks to stick with and to liquidate in the second quarter.
The Tiger-affiliated firms both enjoyed strong performance in August, but the one-month gains are not nearly enough to stanch the bleeding this year.
The firm told investors it’s given up on the troubled drug maker, which has badly hurt its funds in 2016, and has embarked on a “period of introspection” over its performance.
The Tiger Seed, trying to snap a losing streak, has dialed down risk in its hedge fund portfolio.
The once high-flying Tiger Seed is down by double digits this year.
Jonathan Auerbach’s Tiger Seed absorbs twin blows: the rise and fall of Valeant and Altice. The firm is hanging on, however, and waiting for the rebound.
Jonathan Auerbach has told clients he won’t open the sought-after funds until at least 2017, barring exceptional opportunities.
Nehal Chopra may be difficult, but she has the hedge fund firm up 11 percent in May and 30 percent for the year.
For many hedge funds, shorting is an appealing hedge against a long book. But the record is mixed, particularly in bullish markets.