International Monetary Fund

Patel, who recently succeeded Raghuram Rajan as RBI governor, will make battling inflation a priority for fast-growing India.
IMF projections see U.S. slowdown, problems in commodity-centric emerging markets; BlackRock slashes some ETF fees; U.S. oil supply dips; VP candidates battle.
U.S. labor and consumer spending data; critical macro points for Brazil and China; Spain hosts the world’s largest food fight.
EU and IMF agree to release funds, relieve Greek debt; Monsanto rejects Bayer offer but courtship continues; SEC probes Alibaba; PBOC lowers yuan peg; Tiffany results bad news for luxury market.
Tentative signs of progress on debt relief and reform are keeping recovery hopes alive, but the country needs to get its banks lending again.
Impeachment process rolls forward in Brazil; Credit Suisse posts loss; China posts weaker-than-expected CPI.
Multilateral banks should focus on advice, technical assistance and oversight to attract private capital to infrastructure projects.
Despite concerns over corruption and budgetary woes in commodity-dependent nations, officials have a bullish outlook on the region.
Rousseff loses impeachment vote; Morgan Stanley profits off sharply but beat estimates; 7.8 earthquake shakes Ecuador.
At spring meetings Christine Lagarde calls for fiscal and monetary stimulus to boost growth; Jim Kim stresses World Bank role in alleviating the refugee crisis.