High Frequency Trading

High frequency trading veteran Manoj Narang (No. 26 on the Trading Technology 40) views technology as “a democratizing force in the markets.”
Rob Park, No. 16 in the 2016 Trading Technology 40 ranking, oversees the systems of IEX Group as it aspires to disrupt the stock exchange business and reduce market complexity.
Banks have retreated as market makers and been replaced by high frequency traders and hedge funds. The result: episodes of illiquidity.
The most powerful woman in the global hedge fund industry launched her own firm earlier this year. She is bullish on the long-run prospects for systematic trading strategies.
Equity markets have become unduly complicated and riddled with conflicts of interest, but institutional investors have the power to help change them.
In the case of Nav Sarao, the alleged flash crash trader arrested April 21, the prosecution will likely focus on the defendant’s intent.
Greece declares it will honor debts; Virtu files for IPO; Glencore’s cooling period for Rio Tinto merger talks set to expire.
In an era when a tweet can send a stock price racing, human judgment and nuance are all the more important in putting together an equity portfolio.
Despite concerns raised by Michael Lewis’s Flash Boys over the past year, trading technology marches on, and it is being applied in other, constructive ways.
#22 Jamie Selway, Head of Electronic Brokerage and Sales, Investment Technology Group