Hedge Fund

After years of turmoil at the top, Harvard is reversing its long-standing commitment to managing most of its endowment money in house. The management company will lay off up to half its investment staff and spin out its real estate business.
John Paulson, Dan Loeb, and other prominent Investors move into an industry in flux.
The world’s largest hedge fund firm has become more optimistic since the election.
The Level Global co-founder insists the FBI raid on his hedge fund firm improperly damaged his reputation, but his case raises questions about how hedge fund traders find an edge.
Industry watchers have said for years that hedge fund fees will have to fall significantly. They haven’t yet, but the tide may be turning.
AQR co-founder Cliff Asness’ support of both Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio and the International Rescue Organization highlights tricky issues around political endorsements.
Five years ago Carson Block set up research firm Muddy Waters to expose corporate frauds like China’s Orient Paper for opportunistic hedge fund managers looking for a good short.
Some managers dumped tech shares in the carnage. But others redoubled efforts to find winners. Google isn’t going away.
The Perry Capital marketing and investor relations specialist took a brief detour from Wall Street to work in the diamond business.
Raymond Dalio reveals how Bridgewater became the world’s largest hedge fund firm by focusing not on what its people know but on how they deal with what they don’t know.