Greenlight Capital

The firm’s flagship long-short fund is close to break-even for the year despite more losses from several high-profile short positions.
David Einhorn’s flagship fund has been badly hurt by its short book all year and has swung back into negative territory.
Several of the firm’s short positions, including its so-called bubble basket holdings and Tesla, continue to undermine returns.
The firm’s hedge funds still fell way short of their high-water mark, but they managed to turn in a better year than their disastrous 2015.
David Einhorn’s hedge fund firm surged in October, while the benchmark equity index sagged.
Einhorn’s flagship fund trimmed its gains for the year after posting two straight months of declines. An analysis of the fund’s portfolio reveals what likely drove the losses.
Hurt by its shorts, David Einhorn’s hedge fund firm still has a long way to make up for a disastrous 2015.
Wall Street appears to have been betting that the “Remain” forces would win, though some funds reduced exposures in the weeks before the vote. The exception: the quants.