Firms like Brookfield and Carlyle are buying up polluters and promising to scrub them clean.
BOJ announces minor adjustments as yen rises; big U.S. utilities merger announced; Statoil acquires Petrobas field; Merck beats earnings estimates; Oracle to buy NetSuite.
The Dan River coal ash spill was a call to action for Duke Energy, says CEO Lynn Good. It forced the company to focus on the larger issues of operational excellence and environmental safety.
China and the Gulf region have been trading for centuries. It’s time to revive those ancient ties with modern infrastructure.
Volatility in the markets might send some investors packing for safe havens, but in the long run those refuges might not be all that secure.
The Azura-Edo Independent Power Project aims to create a financial and regulatory model to fix the chronic electricity shortage in Nigeria and across the continent.
Countries from Norway to Russia to Saudi Arabia have begun drawing down their reserve funds to plug budget gaps and defend currencies.
Alternative energy has experienced a fundamental shift, from too expensive to cost-effective, says Patrick Jobin, this year’s top analyst in that sector.
The success of Tesla and Apple’s likely introduction of an electric car spell trouble for the future of dealerships and traditional automakers.
A Global Impact Investing Network report shows how impact capital is the next phase of economic development promotion in East Africa.