Delivering Alpha

Investing is complicated, says Mary Callahan Erdoes of J.P. Morgan Asset Management, and the right investor will have the stamina to ignore the market turbulence and focus on the end result.
From billionaire Carl Icahn to a struggling casino worker, attendees of the recent conference agreed that the economy needs help.
The Stelliam Investment Management founder weighs in on fundamental investing in a market transformed by index funds and automated trading.
Industry watchers have said for years that hedge fund fees will have to fall significantly. They haven’t yet, but the tide may be turning.
In a room filled with famous hedge fund managers, the understated but high-performing pension manager draws a big crowd.
Equity markets, oil and Treasury futures, strengthened in early trading; Bayer raises Monsanto bid; U.K. job picture brightens.
At the Delivering Alpha conference yesterday, the Blackstone Group CEO weighed in where to find yield and attractive sectors of the market.
The famed short-seller and the Chinese e-commerce giant’s vice chairman trade barbs at Delivering Alpha.
At today’s Delivering Alpha conference, the hedge fund founder says ‘radical’ central bank policies have inflated a bubble in global bond markets.
At today’s Delivering Alpha conference, CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin poses the following question to Dalio and Geithner: Where is the economy and what is a realistic U.S. growth rate?