Canyon Capital Advisors

In his spare time, the alternative-investment business development specialist at Canyon Capital Advisors helps at-risk youth.
Josh Friedman of Canyon Partners says it’s important for managers’ interests to be closely aligned with those of investors’ — something that’s not always easy to achieve.
Josh Friedman of Canyon Capital expects hedge funds, with their entrepreneurial environment, to be better-prepared for increasing volatility than more traditional asset managers.
Josh Friedman and Mitch Julis built Canyon after learning their trade from Michael Milken. Now, in a challenging market, their discipline is put to the test once again.
Home in swanky 15 Central Park West offers “luxury after luxury,” report says.
The California Public Employees’ Retirement System has taken out around $100 million from its hedge fund investments this year.
Mitch Julis & Josh Friedman have built Canyon into the 13th largest hedge fund firm in the U.S.
Sabretooth raises $70 million for its Sabretooth Yin multistrategy fund.