Major pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and endowments reported lackluster one-year performance as of June 30.
Pensions and sovereign wealth funds try to change corporate behavior with new index.
The agreement of six institutional investors to support a long-term stock benchmark is a sign of the need for a different strategy.
ATP CIO Henrik Jepsen, who was this year’s European Investment Management Awards Lifetime Achievement winner, discusses the biggest risk facing pensions today.
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By disbanding its hedge fund platform and integrating alpha and beta strategies, the Danish pension ATP has cut costs while maintaining performance.
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Taking advantage of U.K. pension reforms that aim to extend retirement security to the masses, the Danish manager is scoring impressive wins with its well-honed model.
ATP, a €67.18 billion Danish pension fund, has sold off all foreign equity in its investment portfolios.
ATP, Denmark’s biggest pension fund, may invest in a rescue vehicle that Europe is planning to set up to help save the most indebted members of the region.