The winners of the 2016 Asia Investment Management Awards remain bullish on the region.
The manager is expanding outside its fixed-income base by buying an equities boutique and adding passive offerings, including smart beta.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership could help integrate Vietnam into the global economy, but will it pass?
CEO Michael Lin pursues new links with Singapore Exchange, sees Tsai government maintaining positive relations with China.
Tsai’s assertions of sovereignty and calls for new ties in Asia draw threats from Beijing, which regards Taiwan as part of “one China.”
Citi’s Pierre Lau likes the power sector for its good dividend yield and strong growth potential in renewables, especially in polluted regions like China.
Sector fundamentals are improving and so are profit margins, according to Rachel Zhang, who leads Morgan Stanley’s All-Asia Research Team to a second straight year at No. 1.
ADB sees regional growth dipping to 5.7 percent in 2016, but some economies stand to gain as manufacturing moves out of the mainland.
Opponents are blocking Modi’s proposed tax reform and other measures, but the economy’s 7 percent-plus growth rate remains attractive.
When it comes to assessing Chinese equities, it may help to take a sector-by-sector view.