Abu Dhabi Investment Authority

Welcome to the weekend, everybody. Here are the top stories from this past week down on the Avenue of Giants.
Countries from Norway to Russia to Saudi Arabia have begun drawing down their reserve funds to plug budget gaps and defend currencies.
Rather than seeking quick liquidity amid low oil prices, sovereign funds may simply be looking for a different risk-return profile.
Welcome to the weekend, everybody.
Welcome to the weekend, everybody! Here are some of the top stories from the past week for your reading enjoyment.
The combination of collapsing crude oil prices, wild currency swings and heightened governance scrutiny has created a challenging environment for many of the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds.
Adjust the umbrella, dig your toes into the hot sand, and sip that pina colada. It’s the weekend, which means ... the news.
It’s the weekend! As per usual, here’s something to read in that floaty pool chair.
Welcome to the weekend, everybody. Here’s some of the top stories for your hammock.