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“I’m really excited about the rate world we’re in now,” CIO Marcus Frampton said. “It used to be that we had to rely on stocks and PE to get the returns I’m focused on.”
CIOs are more confident in both liquid and illiquid allocations and building more resilient, “all-weather” portfolios.
Allocators want a piece of the private credit pie, but new research shows that their investments might not pay off.
“This historic shifting of capital is a beautiful opportunity set in which we can invest.”
New research from Coalition Greenwich shows that more than 85 percent of U.S. institutional investors work with a consultant, a statistic that has trended upward in recent years.
Michael Levy, CEO of Crow Holdings, says the bottom third of office buildings are redevelopment projects that are a “multi-decade problem.”
Several of its main funds boasted double-digit returns.
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