The Best CEOs

Listed here by sector and industry are the 62 chief executives who scored the highest when we asked portfolio managers and analysts to choose the top-performing CEOs in their domains.

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Picking the top CEOsMore than 1,000 analysts and portfolio managers at 486 money management firms responsible for investing $6.9 trillion in U.S. stocks participated in selecting our list of America’s top CEOs. These asset management professionals were all asked a simple question: Who is the best CEO in the sector (or sectors) for which you are responsible? The respondents gave their first, second and third choices, which we weighted to calculate a score for each CEO. We name a top CEO in each of the 62 industry sectors surveyed for our 2006 All-America Research Team.

In the profiles that accompany the CEO rankings, the compensation shown consists of salary, bonus and other remuneration for 2005 (for Cisco Systems, figures are for fiscal year ended July 29, 2006). Similarly, the amount given for stock options comprises the value realized from options exercised in 2005 combined with that of unexercised, in-the-money options outstanding. Figures are from company proxy statements.

Our CEO ranking was complied by II staff under the guidance of Assistant Managing Editors Sathya Rajavelu and Tom Johnson, and Senior Editors Jane B. Kenney and Justin Schack, with assistance from Associate Editor Michele Bickford.