Institutional Investor’s Best Videos of 2016

Here’s a look back at our best videos of the year.

How Do You Save Active Management?

Active management does not need saving because it’s not disappearing, says Mary Callahan Erdoes of J.P. Morgan Asset Management. Active management is human decision-making that requires analysis and individual judgement. Dawn Fitzpatrick of UBS Asset Management agrees, adding that active management also has to be truly active. For Ares Management’s Tony Ressler, the discipline will survive when the manager is picking an asset class that is worthy of active managers. Learn more about how managers view the state of active management in this installment of our Short Cuts series.

The First Rule of Investing: Don’t Lose Money

What’s the first rule of investing? Don’t lose money. That’s also the second rule of investing, Blackstone’s Stephen Schwartzman tells Senior Writer Julie Segal at the 2016 Delivering Alpha conference. The Blackstone culture involves holding back on taking risks if the downside is loss of capital. If you don’t lose money, he says, you will significantly outperform the market. Schwartzman tells Segal more about the rules of investing, turbulent markets, and more in this video.

Collaboration (Not Disruption) Is the Latest Trend in Fintech

Bina Kalola of Bank of America Merrill Lynch says collaboration — not disruption — is the latest trend in fintech. That’s because fintech companies are collaborating with, not disrupting, financial services companies. She looks for innovation and opportunities to implement technology that nobody else has built to help solve client’s problems. Watch the full interview with Senior Contributing Editor Jeffrey Kutler on what to expect in financial technology for The 2016 Fintech Finance 35.


From Exchange to Tech Giant, a Brief History of Nasdaq

Nasdaq president and COO Adena Friedman discusses the exchange’s evolution — from a membership-based system to a financial products innovator — with Senior Contributing Editor Jeffrey Kutler for The 2016 Tech 50 ranking. Friedman says a combination of resiliency and innovation helped Nasdaq meet the challenges of evolving to face market needs.

Duke Energy CEO on the Foundation of Good Leadership

The Dan River coal ash spill, for which Duke Energy paid a $6 million settlement to regulators this year, was a call to action for the company, CEO Lynn Good tells Institutional Investor. Good says the spill forced the company to focus on the larger issues of operational excellence and environmental safety. Listen to her take on the foundation of good leadership for our Leading Edge series.

David Booth Wants Better Financial Services for Individuals

During this year’s U.S. Investment Management Awards dinner at the Mandarin Oriental in New York, Senior Writer Julie Segal interviews David Booth, who wants better financial services for individuals. As the co-CEO of Dimensional Fund Advisors, he says he believes the investing industry will benefit from delivering more innovative services to the average person.

Blackrock’s Rick Rieder on How to Amplify Your Returns

Blackrock Chief Investment Officer Rick Rieder says the most effective way to invest is to figure out what people are not looking at today that they will be thinking about tomorrow. Learn more about how to amplify your returns in this video.

Manoj Narang on Financial Technology and Market Fairness

High-frequency trading veteran Manoj Narang (No. 26 on the Trading Technology 40) views technology as “a democratizing force in the markets.” Learn more from some of the top executives on the 2016 Trading Tech 40 ranking in our 2016 Trading Technology 40 series with Senior Contributing Editor Jeffrey Kutler.