Global Research Firms Vie for Title of 2016’s Best

Bank of America Merrill Lynch maintains lead on our year-to-date tally.


With the publication of Institutional Investor‘s All-India Research Team, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and J.P. Morgan remain neck and neck on our Global Research Leaders: Year to Date tally. The two firms quickly outstripped their competition this year with totals of 212 and 206, respectively.

Morgan Stanley hangs onto third place with 140 total positions while UBS holds steady at No. 4 with 123 spots. Rounding out the top 5 is Citi with 106.

When a weighting of four is assigned to each first-place position, three to each second-place position, and so on, the order of the top four firms remains unchanged. However, Deutsche Bank jumps to No. 5, up from No. 6, as Citi tumbles to the 8th place.

There are 94 firms represented in the results of these surveys. Access the full list via Global Research Leaders: Year to Date in the navigation table at right.

Analysts at BofA Merrill have delivered 57 sector-topping performances this year, compared to J.P. Morgan’s 46 and Morgan Stanley’s 30. A total of 41 research providers have finished in first place in at least one sector.

Strictly looking at coverage of equities, BofA Merrill is No. 1, with 144 positions. J.P. Morgan is No. 2, with 130. Morgan Stanley, 123, and UBS, 122, continue to duke it out for the bronze medal.


The lineup changes substantially when only fixed-income research is considered. J.P. Morgan takes top honors, with 76 spots, followed by BofA Merrill, with 68, and Barclays, with 40.

Rankings published thus far this year are:

The All-Europe Research Team

The All-Europe Fixed-Income Research Team

The All-Japan Research Team

The All-Asia Research Team

The Emerging Europe, Middle East & Africa Research Team

The All-America Fixed-Income Research Team

The Latin America Research Team

The All-Brazil Research Team

The All-America Research Team

The All-India Research Team

The only remaining survey is the All-China Research Team, and it is scheduled for publication on December 5.