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The Future Means Business: Investment Implications of Transformative Corporate Models

<b>Sponsored by PGIM</b><br>Disruptive forces have led to the emergence of three new business models<br> that are radically changing the investment calculus for institutional investors.<br>PGIM’s latest Megatrends paper, <i>The Future Means Business</i>, examines how <br>these changes will have profound implications for how investors build and <br>protect their portfolios.


PGIM’s research draws on the insights of more than two dozen PGIM investment professionals across our private and public fixed income, equity, real estate and alternatives managers – as well as a new proprietary survey of 300 public and private companies around the world – to understand the changing nature of the 21st-century firm.

The collective impact of the disruptive forces at work among corporations globally raises a range of interesting implications and potential actions for Chief Investment Officers to consider.