2014–'15 All-America Student Analyst Competition: Short Alpha

< Student Analysts Win Big on Oil and Gas Plays Short AlphaJoshua Kohler of Drexel University in Philadelphia is this year’s undisputed champion of shorting. His portfolio trumped the Russell 3000 by an eye-popping 467 basis points, thanks to big bets against GoPro, Annaly Capital Management, Wal-Mart and Tesla Motors.


Among students whose portfolios beat the Russell 3000 over the contest period, those who shorted stocks enjoyed far greater outperformance than those who did not. Shorting had a more modest impact on the portfolios that lagged the benchmark.

Daily BPS
1467Joshua KohlerDrexel University192
2148Mohamed MoawadUniversity of Texas at Austin319
3144Zhiyan ChenFairfield University23
4100Travis SalinasUniversity of Texas at Austin70
596Xiudan WangCarnegie Mellon University192
689Katherine CramerUniversity of Texas at Austin29
789Stefan ModicXavier University75
886Joncarlo CalleaCanisius College418
985Benjamin PengUniversity of Texas at Austin25
1078Xiang RenDrexel University
1172Xirui TangFordham University454
1267Eric LeeCornell University20
1366Jason AyatFordham University5
1465Adam PetrasUniversity of Texas at Austin170
1564Harris HolleyUniversity of Texas at Austin392
1661Shuo ZhangUniversity of California, Berkeley
1761Rohit DcUniversity of Texas at Dallas17
1858Qi PanFordham University
1958Tyler J. IsgroQuinnipiac University427
2058Nicholas CompogiannisUniversity of Texas at Austin292