CCB Builds a Strong Global Base for Its Client Services

An Institutional Investor Sponsored Statement

China Construction Bank (“CCB” or “the Bank”) is a modernfinancial service provider with global competitiveness. Through organic growthand mergers and acquisitions, CCB has successfully consolidated its developmentof branches in the Asia-Pacific region, while expanding its business inEuropean and North American markets. Over the past two decades, the Bank has become more mature and is entering astage with stable and sound business development, which has won itself anincreasing global competitiveness and recognition. The Bank, regarding itsinternational business development, positions itself as “To build a moderncommercial bank that gradually achieves global development with international competitiveness by providing globalfinancial services.” CCB has established a service chain for domestic andoverseas clients, and actively enhances construction of a core overseas clientbase. The Bank gives priority to providing quality financial services to keydomestic companies with “going global” needs, local clients in the overseasmarkets that have close economic trade and investment ties with China, goodlocal corporate and financial institutional clients, as well as high net worthclients.

Development of CCB’soverseas entities

Since CCB launched its first overseas entity, the LondonRepresentative Office, in 1991, it has been increasing its presence overseasand boosting the scale of its business over the past two decades. So far, theBank has 20 tier-one overseas entities, including 12 tier-one branches in HongKong, Singapore, Frankfurt, Johannesburg, Tokyo, Seoul, New York, Ho Chi MinhCity, Sydney, Taipei, Luxembourg and Macao, and seven wholly-owned operatingsubsidiaries, namely CCB Asia, CCB London, CCB Russia, CCB Dubai, CCBLuxembourg, CCB New Zealand and CCB International, covering 17 countries andregions worldwide.

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Growth of CCB’sOverseas Assets

CCB’s overseas offices are mostly located in internationalor regional financial centers that are relatively mature and developed. Bystrictly following local regulatory requirements and rules on operations andmanagement, and establishing an improved internal control system, the Bank’s overseasentities are all in good shape. In recent years, CCB has seen acceleratedgrowth in its overseas business – the size of its overseas assets has beengrowing, and the overseas business profitability has improved year on year.

Superior cross-borderRMB service

CCB is the first RMB clearing bank appointed by People’sBank of China outside of Asia. CCB provides fast and secure RMB clearingservice, as well as expanding active yet ordered RMB offshore capitaltransaction markets and exploring commodity RMB pricing mechanisms that arerecognized by the market. Based on the construction of local British RMB clearing networks, CCB’s London clearing service will soon spread to Europe, Africa, Middle East and adjacent regions, in order toformulate a London-centered global clearing service.

Strong client andproduct positioning

Regarding product positioning, CCB gives priority todeveloping and marketing products on off-shore loans against domesticguarantee, trade finance, clearing and settlement, foreign exchange and cash management.In accordance with local conditions, the Bank will also actively introduce bilateraland syndicated loans, commodity financing, wealth management, investmentbanking and retail services.

Comprehensive globalcoverage

CCB focuses on reinforcement of client services, makingefforts to constantly optimize its product structure, push forward innovation of linkage products and improve service in order to satisfy the “going global”demands of the real economy. On the Group level, the Bank has also established and improved crossborder service that is well-equipped, multi-layered and automated.


The Banker: 2nd in the “Top 1000 World Banks” (tierone capital),and 2nd in the “Top 10 Banking Brands in Asia-pacific Region”. Forbes: Ranked2nd in the “Forbes Global 2000” Global Finance: Best Corporate Governance Euromoney magazine: Best Debt House in China The AsianBanker: Strongest in China Fortune magazine: Ranked 38th in the “Fortune 500” TheAsset: Best Custody Specialist,QFII.

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