Weekend FinTech Reading, December 14–15, 2013

Here are some of blogger Daniel Nadler’s financial-tech news reading picks for the weekend of December 14–15.


It’s the weekend, which means it’s time to catch up on recent FinTech news and reading:

FinTech with their Tea: British tech start-ups take a financial bent. Is London becoming Europe’s hub for financial tech startups? (The New York Times)

Adventures of an Upstart Currency: Bitcoin under pressure from its own success? (The Economist)

Earth Defender: Play a video game, help the Pentagon defend our economy from a cyber attack. (Wired)

JPMorgan wants a Bit of the Action: The global bank files a patent for an online payments system that sounds a lot like Bitcoin. (The Economist)


Robocalypse: Still a while before the Terminator reaches the trading floor, but Google is getting into the robotics game, giving Amazon a run for its money. (The New York Times)

More than Eye Candy: Big-data visualization is worth a thousand spreadsheets. (Forbes)

Euro Skeptics: The European Banking Authority warns about Bitcoins. (European Banking Authority on Finextra)

Payments in India: Mobile payments are spreading among India’s poor. (The New York Times)

Big Data Boss: Big data replacing HR? How some companies are tracking employee behavior to build a more efficient workplace. (The Atlantic)

Data Mining: Dataminr is harnessing the power of Twitter to deliver market news in near-real time. (Institutional Investor)

Startups as College: Has entrepreneurship become too commoditized? (PandoDaily)

Bitcoin Security: A Tokyo–based startup creates a “Know Your Customer” service for Bitcoin users. (Wired)