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Podcast: Prepare for Re-Entry: Challenges of Normalization

Markets could get bumpy as monetary policy normalizes and as the pandemic’s destabilizing effects continue to ripple through the global economy. Philip Saunders, Co-Head of Multi-Asset Growth at Ninety One, assesses the global markets in 2022.

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The fast view

Markets face a potentially difficult transition as monetary policy is normalized.

  • Consider hedging against the risk that inflation moves higher than policymakers anticipate.
  • Duration should be kept short. For defensive diversification, rather than traditional government bonds, consider cash, creditor-nation currencies and US dollars.
  • Consider also shifting away from parts of the market that have done well since the Global Financial Crisis, like growth equities.
  • The equities of companies with pricing power, and that start with reasonable valuations, are best placed if prices continue rising. Volatility may provide the chance to add exposure to longer-term thematic opportunities

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