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Podcast: Buffers Built to Counter Global Challenges?

Challenges remain in 2022, but prudent action already taken by central banks leaves emerging markets well-prepared. Hear from Portfolio Managers, Grant Webster and Archie Hart, as they assess the outlook for emerging markets.

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The fast view

  • Emerging market (EM) economies have emerged from the pandemic in a far healthier condition than was initially feared.
  • EM central banks have acted prudently – and far more quickly than their developed market peers – lifting rates to levels more appropriate for the inflationary conditions. Spreads are at historically wide levels.
  • This building of buffers and resilience should help them weather two major challenges: tightening global liquidity in conjunction with slowing growth, and the weakening growth outlook in China.
  • By the second half of 2022, we will likely feel the strong base effects of the sharp rise in inflation seen in 2021.
  • We believe there should be opportunities in EM dollar debt, particularly high-yield countries. In equities, aligning portfolios with government priorities is a prudent approach; the key, as always, is to remain selective.

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