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Weekend Giant Reading, August 2 — 3, 2014

Welcome to the weekend. Here's some news for your reading enjoyment.

Welcome to the weekend. Here's some news for your reading enjoyment:

- Sanctions: The new sanctions against Russia will not affect RDIF, according to RDIF.

- LP to GP: Nigeria's SWF is becoming the asset manager of choice for local government agencies.

- Innovation: The Future Fund of Australia is completely rethinking the way it compensates (and uses) managers in infrastructure. Fascinating.

- USA SWFs: Paul Rose blows minds with this chart listing all SWFs in the United States. The oldest was set up in... 1817! The total number of American SWFs? 21!

- Selfie: If you're really going to go down the divestment path for fossil fuels, at least do it right.

- Create Destruction: The top 12 VCs are starting to take finance seriously. (Here's a road map on where they should focus.)

- India I: APG just launched a $1 billion infrastructure joint venture for Indian roads ports, airports, power plants, etc.

- India II: Temasek is also bullish on India, with 4 percent of its total portfolio there and a plan to do a lot more in the country in the year ahead.

- The Fee Machine: Sure the Rhode Island pension fund has a sound reason for hiding hedge fees... and that sound is laughing HF execs.

- New SWFs: The IMF thinks it’d be smart for Macau to set up a SWF. Macau thinks... meh.

- Emerging Market: Singapore's GIC deployed hundreds of millions of dollars directly into PE opportunities in the Philippines.

- Sold: Temasek Holdings divested its entire stake in New China Life Insurance for $276 million.

- Jack of all Trades: Kazakhstan's new National Investment Corp needs a single consultant to help it do, well, almost everything. Takers?

- Real Estate I: Norway's NBIM just bought Le Madeleine building in Paris for 426 million euros from Blackrock.

- Real Estate II: Norway's NBIM is buying up top real estate in Boston.

- Real Estate III: Will Norway's SWF, which owns 1 percent of global public stocks, soon own 1 percent of prime RE? It seems to be on its way!

- Real Estate IV: South Korea's National Pension Service will invest ~$800 million in Polish real estate.

Have a great weekend!

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