The larger computer-driven funds posted the largest losses last year.
Many computer-driven funds suffered losses in September and the third quarter.
The London-based asset management giant snapped up a 40 percent stake in the quant specialist firm at a time when computer-driven strategies are gaining traction with investors.
Despite their boom-and-bust reputation, commodity trading advisers have lately attracted assets from institutional investors wary of equity markets.
After a strong start to the year, strategies driven by computers extended their gains in February.
Many of the larger, well-known CTAs fared even better than the indexes in July.
Commodity trading advisers and other computer-driven strategies fell after big trends suddenly reversed course last month, with funds from Man Group, Aspect Capital and others posting losses.
Commodity trading advisers proved to be one of few bright spots in a dreadful year for hedge funds.
Many commodity trading advisers and other trend-following funds posted big gains in November and are on track to post their best year since 2008.
Though many systematic trading programs are still down for the year, most produced gains in October.