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A Bloomberg Columnist’s RIA Is Spewing Hatred at Police: ‘We’d Be Better Off if All Cops Were Dead’

New River Investments has a prolific history of offensive tweets.

In a tweet Wednesday, New River Investments said police departments “are just literal death squads that go around murdering people left and right for no reason.”

The message about law enforcement, from an RIA’s account that primarily consists of commentary about finance and politics, unnerved some followers. “There are definitely bad cops, and it’s good more of them are being exposed, but this tweet is way over the top,” one replied.

But it wasn’t a one-off. New River Investments has a prolific history of derogatory tweets, broadly accusing officers of being a group with “bloodlust” and more. Police and criminals are one of the same committing crimes alike, according to numerous tweets by the company, a Los Angeles-based wealth manager that oversees a little more than $70 million.

“The cops are the rapists. The cops are the murderers. The cops are the fucking enemy. They are terrorists,” an Aug. 15 tweet says.

Along with tweets aimed at police and calling for departments to be “disarmed and disbanded,” the account takes sharp aim at others, including members of the military and David Koch.(RIA Intel)

When this story was published, it was unclear who was behind the tweets and anti-police rhetoric, though we noted there is a link to the twitter account on New River Investments’ website. Since this story appeared, a tweet stating “I—Guillermo Roditi Dominguez—am the MD, I write the tweets” appeared on New River Investment’s Twitter account.

A 2017 Business Insider article titled “The 125 most important finance people you have to follow on Twitter” includes an account for New River Investments founder Guillermo Roditi Domínguez (@groditi). But some time since then, that account was suspended by Twitter.

In February 2017, one Twitter user pointing to a tweet no longer available said, “This anarchist's real name is Guillermo Roditi Dominguez who lives in L.A. Have a nice day.” (RIA Intel)

Conor Sen, a financial advisor at New River Investments and a Bloomberg Opinion columnist, links to the company account in his Twitter bio and shared one of the RIA’s tweets as recently as Monday. It does not appear that Sen, who joined New River Investments in 2012, has shared any of the anti-police tweets or posted any himself on Twitter. After this story was published, Sen sent RIA Intel an email stating"I don't tweet from the @newriverinvest account. Those tweets are not mine and do not reflect my views."A Bloomberg spokesperson said "New River Investments and its views have nothing to do with Bloomberg." 

Matt Busigin, an advisor who joined New River Investments in 2014, also affiliates with the RIA’s account in his Twitter bio. But a search of his tweets produced no interactions with the account or mentions of police. (RIA Intel)

Today, in response to RIA Intel seeking comment, Dominguez emailed the following response, cc'ing Sen, Busigin, and Samantha Powell, another employee.

“We’ve addressed it by blocking you. Next time don’t stray so far out of your play pen if you can’t handle the real world.”