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HBK Capital Management

When Harlan Korenvaes founded HBK Capital Management in 1991, the multistrategy hedge fund firm was among the few, and the best, in the field. Within a decade, however, HBK lost its prominence as the market matured and became overrun by incoming hedge fund startups. Ever since, the Dallas, Texas–based firm’s performance has followed a rolling trajectory. Lately, that trajectory is on an upswing. Assets have grown from $5.13 billion at the end of 2010 to $9.44 billion in December 2015. And the firm garnered an A grade on Alpha's 2015 Hedge Fund Report Card. Investors were particularly pleased with HBK's independent oversight and risk management...

Back to Hedge Fund 100 Firm Profile Ranking 64. HBK Capital Management / $10.09 billion Location: Dallas, TX Founded: 1991 2016 Hedge Fund 100 Rank: No. 74 2016 Capital: $9.38 billion 2015 Hedge Fund 100 Rank: No. 77 2015 Capital: $8.76 billion Years on List: 16 Website: Address: 2101 Cedar Springs Road, Suite 700Dallas, TX 75201 Phone: 214-758-6107 Fax: 214-758-1207 Other Offices: New York, Charlottesville, VA

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