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Weekend FinTech Reading, January 17 – 19, 2014

This week's fintech news, research and innovations for your reading enjoyment.

It’s the weekend, which means it's time to catch up on recent FinTech news and reading: 

Finnovation: Seven new companies have been selected to join London-based FinTech Lab. (WSJ Market Watch) 

Paying Taxes with Bitcoin? The third-party payment start-up allows for just that. (Forbes) 

The Future, Google-fied: Robots, Nest and Google’s domination of the tech landscape. (New York Times) 

RoboEarth: A World Wide Web just for robots? European lab tests cloud-based operating system for personal robots. (BBC) 

$10 a Bitcoin? Why Bitcoin will become synonymous with digital currency. (Forbes) 

Controlling the Coin: Some companies are attempting to launch a bitcoin-based derivatives market. (Wired) 

Google and Amazon Battle to Host Data in the Cloud: Google increases cloud storage capability for data analytics platform Hadoop, while Amazon Cloud competitor GoGrid launches new data hosting service. (TechCrunch and Venturebeat)

Twitter meets E-Commerce: Twitter nearing deal with online payments start-up Stripe. (Re/Code) 

The Future of Financial Services: What PayPal is up to in its New York City-based Innovation Center. (American Banker) 

Wearable Technology and Big Data Moneyball: A digital coach perched right in your pocket. (New York Times)

Sacramento Kings Crowned First Pro Sports Team to Accept Bitcoin. (Wired) 

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