Walgreens Boots Alliance

The firm made changes after first-quarter declines, which have produced two months in a row of gains. The high-water mark remains elusive.
Barry Rosenstein’s hedge fund firm lost 3.9 percent in January, as a number of core holdings declined in a brutal stock market.
Viking Global, Glenview Capital and Visium profit as stocks like Actavis, Anthem and Cigna rise on takeover fever.
Group of 50 Tiger Cubs, Seeds and Grandcubs often invest in many of the same stocks. The big winner: Irish drugmaker Actavis.
Barry Rosenstein’s hedge fund firm books gains from largest longs, from Qualcomm to Walgreens Boots Alliance.
Stephen Mandel, Jr.’s firm tries to balance negatives of stretched valuations against positives of companies using balance sheets to acquire.