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Corbin Capital Partners

Corbin Capital Management, founded by Glenn Dubin and Henry Swieca in 1984, has undergone a face lift. Originally named Dubin & Swieca Capital Management, the New York-based fund-of-funds firm changed its name in 2005 as part of a marketing plan aimed at altering the image and starting fresh. Many at the time thought the business was an investment vehicle catering to the two managers. The name Corbin Capital derives from Margaret Corbin Way, a circle at the end of the street where childhood friends Dubin and Swieca grew up in Manhattan. Margaret Corbin operated the Fort Tryon cannons during the Revolutionary War. The funds are also traditionally named after sights in the neighborhood where Dubin and Swieca grew up, such as the global long-short equity and event-driven Fort Tryon Equities Fund…

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