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What’s On week of 5 Feb 2018

The European investor’s guide to the week ahead.

Monday 5 February 2018

GBV Pan European Pensions Conference

(Luxembourg City, Luxembourg)

Tuesday 6 February 2018

U.K. Parliament Environmental Audit Committee: Green Finance Inquiry

(London, U.K.)

RICS European Retail Real Estate Conference 2018

(Milan, Italy)

Franklin Paris: Investing in French Real Estate

(London, U.K.)

MSCI/IPF U.K. Property Investment Seminar

(London, U.K.)

China Unbound: Middle Class, Morality and Money

(London, U.K.)

Wednesday 7 February 2018 

Institutional Investor Forums: Annual European Pensions Symposium

(Madrid, Spain, until Friday)

U.K. Treasury Select Committee: The Work of the Financial Conduct Authority

(London, U.K.)

Neptune’s Active Multi Asset Investing seminar

(Leeds, U.K.)

Invesco Investment Intelligence Seminar

(Durham, U.K.)

Thursday 8 February 2018

The Redington Retreat

(London, U.K.)

JLT 2018 Investment Outlook

(London, U.K.)

Barnett Waddingham: Evolving trends of the DC market

(Leeds, U.K.)

PRI Event: Investment Consultant Services Review

(London, U.K.)

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