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Creating a Foundation for Effective Sales Performance Management

How leading-edge technology systems can help companies foster collaboration, build trust, respond to changing business conditions, and optimize financial performance

Fierce competition. Price pressure. Demanding customers.  Exacting financial-performance targets. These business realities are confronting large companies around the world.

In this challenging—but potentially highly rewarding—business climate, managing sales performance effectively is key to optimizing growth opportunities, making the most of valuable resources, staying competitive, and ultimately thriving as an organization. To that end, leading companies are deploying sophisticated sales performance management (SPM) technology systems that use data to extract sales information and match it with employees who should be credited for attainment of quotas and goals. Once the system has allocated the credits and measured them against each employee’s incentive plan, commissions can be paid accordingly. SPM systems also track claw-backs—for returned items, for example.

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