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Hall of Fame 34 - Harold Vogel

In 1969, as a junior analyst with Paine Webber Jackson & Curtis, ­Harold Vogel attended his first due-­diligence meeting to review the Walt Disney Co.’s plans for $150 million issuance to help finance an amusement park in the swamplands of central Florida. “And that is how I started following Disney and the entertainment business,” Vogel explains. It turned out to be a winning combination. Five years later he made his first appearance on the All-­America Research Team, in third place in Leisure Time. (The sector was renamed Entertainment in 1994.) Vogel appeared every year through 1997, even as he changed firms — first to Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith in 1976 and then to Cowen and Co. in 1994 — ranking 24 times, including ten years in the top spot. In 1984 he published ­Entertainment Industry Economics: A Guide for Financial Analysis, which quickly became the bible for sector analysts.

Vogel, 65, left the sell side in 1998; since then he has been CEO of Vogel Capital Management.

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